Ecommerce Access

Ecommerce Library

The following documents are available to help you maximize your experience with the H&W Foodservice Ecommerce site. 
You will need Acrobat Reader to open these files.

Palama Ecommerce Users Guide (pdf) Palama Canopy Create Ecommerce Order Guides (pdf)

Ecommerce Access and Tools

  • 24/7 secured log-in access to your account
  • Ability to place orders, view existing/past orders, and print/reprint orders
  • Access to complete financial history including open balances
  • Ability to place orders for your next scheduled delivery day or some day in the future
  • Ability to create your own specific order guides to facilitate a more efficient order according to your needs
  • Ability to shop the entire product inventory

    Ecommerce Access Request Form

    Use this form to request an H&W Foodservice Ecommerce Account.

    Enter your assigned account number here

    Last Name

    Enter the email address to which the Ecommerce account will be linked

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    Multiple accounts can be linked together with a single set of log in credentials. Therefore, you can order for your multiple locations with a single account.